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Journey Therapy is based on the science of cellular memory (CMR). Cellular memory suggests that any part of you physically and at a cellular level, holds information about you as a whole. Your mind and body can be compared to a computer. The hardware is the body itself and the software is likened to your memories, emotions and experiences. These memories, emotions and experiences are stored within your body, like software is stored on the hardware.

When we have experienced traumatic events or have undergone highly emotional experiences, if unresolved, these emotions and memories remain in our consciousness and can manifest as physical illnesses.

If we experience a highly distressing event, even as a child, and these emotions are left unresolved as the years go on, there is a part of us that is in essence "stuck" at that age. You can recognise this is occurring if something or someone trigger an automatic emotional response, that takes you back to the state of emotional pain or the state you were in as a child. Often people, although physically at an older age, may be functioning emotionally as a child. Or in less extreme cases, there may be just parts of an individual that have not grown emotionally. Journey therapy allows one to deal with and let go of these emotions and brings one to a wholesome emotional state.

Journey therapy is a process of hypnotherapy, which is where one is in a deep state of relaxation. You will follow a verbal dialogue that will create an interesting visualisation exercise. There you will be able to uncover any unresolved emotions and painful memories, in a safe, gentle and protected way. With Journey therapy you are able to free yourself of any built up anger, resentment and fear, or any other emotions that may be preventing you from being your fully happy self.

The session will always end at a point where you are feeling whole and positive...and a lot lighter!

Fees & Duration

Journey Therapy sessions can just be a one-off session or a series of 1-3 sessions.

Each Journey Therapy session: 1.5 - 2 hours.

Fee: £150.

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Currently I only have availability for Journey Therapy and Past Life Regression. 

All session are online.

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