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Past life regression is the use of hypnotherapy to access memories of the past in the subconscious mind. The subconscious mind is the storehouse of impressions of past events. It holds the sensory and somatic impressions left in the mind from experiences in life, especially significant memories. 

In therapy I assist in regressing my client to one’s childhood to access memories from when they were young, so in the similar manner, past life regression allows one to access memories held in your mind, but from previous lives. 

Why would someone want to do past life regression? 

Some people are simply curious and interested in such hidden truths of their past existences but past life regression can also be used to help someone resolve issues that currently effect them, that they are unable to find a cause for from their life. 

Sometimes experiences from past lives have a knock on effect, in the eastern philosophy we call this karma or karmic reactions that carry through lives via the mind and resolving these issues can free burdens that lay within the person without their conscious awareness. 

Is there any risk?

Past life regression is non-invasive and the sessions are run in such a way that all safety measures are put in place for the individual to feel safe and relaxed. 

Any form of regression has the potential to bring up distressing memories, so it is always advisable to do therapy with a trained, qualified and trusted practitioner. At the same time, your mind never usually brings up issues that you are not prepared to face and heal. The body and mind have a wonderful way of naturally moving towards healing, so whatever distressing material that comes up, it can be seen as useful in order for you to work through and overcome. 

With past life regression, the person needs to be open minded and non-judgemental to the process to be able to explore whatever material that manifests. 

Fees & Duration

Sessions are recorded and sent after the 

Sessions last 1.5 hours. 

Fees: £140. 

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Currently I only have availability for Journey Therapy and Past Life Regression. 

All session are online.

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