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Understanding Emotions

Updated: Jan 9, 2021

Emotions are of a subtle nature, in that they're not tangible or visible. They can be understood to be like waves. Emotions come and emotions go. For girls, we need to understand that low feelings are not permanent and will disappear at some point. However they are important and certainly need to be expressed.

Have you ever tried to explain how you felt in words and just couldn't say it exactly how you felt it? Thats because emotions are generally non verbal.

Research shows that emotions are associated predominantly with the right hemisphere of the brain, where language and logical thinking is associated predominately with the left hemisphere. Therefore emotions often need to be expressed differently. Trying to verbalise an emotion can be understood to be like the water that shoots out of a shower head. The water comes out, but it's changed it's presentation, shape and speed. Therefore the original gushing, dynamic and free flow nature of the water has been changed. You don't see it in it's original form, hence how often what we express verbally may not be exactly what we feel.

Creativity is linked to the right hemisphere of the brain also, therefore emotions can be often best expressed through creative mediums, such as music, dance, art and poetry. By hearing music that relates to your feelings and by looking at colours, shapes and forms that relate to your feelings, you're able to feel understood and you may be able to understand yourself better. When we watch a dramatic performance, we can be "moved" to tears.

So to have healthy emotions and understand our emotions, we need to understand that they are of a different nature to logical reasoning and direct language. We can help our release of emotions by expressing our feelings through creative ways. It's good to talk about how you feel also, and that's best done with someone who will respect your emotions by acknowledging your feelings as important.

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