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My approach to therapy/counselling is an Integrative approach, in that I use elements from different schools of psychotherapy and clinical hypnotherapy.
For me, the basis of therapy is the client and the client's needs. I'm always interested in what the problems or difficulties are for an individual and what they want going forward. I integrate specific methods to help my clients bring about change for themselves, at the same time, providing a space to hear listened to and be heard by someone free from bias in their life. 

The methods integrate in therapy are:

Talking therapy

Clinical Hypnotherapy and NLP (neurolinguistic programming)
EMDR (Eye-movement Desensitisation Reprocessing)

CBT methods (cognitive behavioural therapy)

Art therapy methods

Gestalt therapy

Fees & Duration

I offer short term (6-15 sessions) and long term (3 months-on going) psychotherapy. Each sessions are 50 mins long.

Fees range from £70-90 depending on location and income.

Concessions apply to low income earners and students. Please contact me to discuss your specific situation.

Psychotherapy & Hypnotherapy: Services

depression | anxiety | stress | trauma | BAME related issues | bullying | online addictions | grief | difficulties dealing with emotions | self harm | anger | anger | low self esteem | dissociation | phobias | work related stress | co-dependency | addictions | low confidence | sexual abuse trauma | domestic violence | anxiety disorders | self harm | childhood abuse | spiritual or institutional abuse | suicidal thoughts | panic attacks | family problems | relationships problems | emotional dysregulation | diagnosed mental health conditions

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